Corona virus symptoms and prevention

Corona virus symptoms and prevention
Corona virus symptoms and prevention

Corona virus symptoms and prevention. This COVID-19 virus invites different people in several ways. COVID-19 may be a respiratory illness and in many infected people, during which it shows mild to moderate symptoms, they recover with none special treatment.

At an equivalent time, people whose immunity is low or who are already affected by another medical condition are more in danger from this disease. At an equivalent time, elderly people that are quite 60 years aged also are at great risk from this COVID-19, while in many cases the victim also dies.

Some common symptoms of corona virus include

* Fever (fever)

* Tiredness

* Dry cough

Other symptoms include

* Shortness of breath

* Aches and pains throughout the body

* pharyngitis (throat swelling)

* running nose

* At an equivalent time, some people even have recurrences.

Such people, who have mild symptoms, should keep themselves faraway from others and will also ask a medical provider for testing

At an equivalent time, people that have only fever, cough or trouble breathing, they ought to consult their doctors as soon as possible.

In what percentage days does the symptoms of Novel Coronavirus start appearing?

 Symptoms of Novel Coronavirus start appearing within the victim’s body within about 10 to fifteen days . In such a situation, if you see any such victim, then it’s necessary to urge them admitted to the closest hospitial as soon as possible.

Corona virus protection

Now that you simply have fully understood what are the symptoms of corona virus, then you ought to worry about the prevention of this virus in order that you’ll prevent it from spreading further. allow us to now skills you’ll protect yourself et al. from this virus:

  1. you ought to wash your hands regularly with soap or sanitizer. At an equivalent time, this sanitizer must be alcohol-based, during which the alcohol content should be 60% or more.
  2. Keep yourself at a distance of a minimum of 1 meter from others. those that are coughing or sneezing (sneezing), should definitely stand back from them.
  3. Avoid choosing your face frequently.
  4. once you are coughing or sneezing, don’t forget to hide your mouth and name in the least .
  5. occupy your home if you are doing not feel well.
  6. Keep yourself faraway from any sort of intoxication that’s capable of weakening your system.
  7. Never leave without the necessity and stand back from lonely people. After coming from the market, please wash your hands.

Have you discovered antivirus of corona virus?

No antivirus of corona virus has been discovered yet. But let me tell you for information that doctors and scientists are engaged find the cure of this corona virus day and night.

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