How To Submit Your Site To Google News

How To Submit Your Site To Google News
How To Submit Your Site To Google News

How To submit your site to google news is a medium where you stay updated with all types of news. It is not so easy to bring your blog or website in Google’s news category, but it is not so difficult either. If you keep in mind a few things, like big news websites, your blog can also come in the news section. Keep in mind that only those blogs or sites come in Google news that regularly give news updates related to that topic.

Here I will tell you how you can bring your news blog to Google News.

1. Prefer a better theme for your website or blog

Great design is very important for your website / blog, and what theme are you using more than that. If your blog is related to news, then it is a matter of concern, you should put a news or magazine template. In WordPress you will get thousands of such free or premium templates. If you are using blogger, then you also have many options in it.

A good theme increases the likelihood of your website being Aprove for google news. You should like a theme for your website that has clean coding, which does not take much time to load the website and by looking at the home page of the website, find out that the news website and the user newspaper of the website are reading.

The website is not mobile-frindly for the ranking of the Google website, it is also a consultant, so keep in mind that the theme of your website or blog should be mobile-frindly, which can easily be read by the user on all divises and gadgets.

2. Select Category

Apply the category of your site / blog correctly. News related news such as Business, Sport, Entertainment, Technology or Education. You can go to any news channel’s website aajtak, NDTV etc. There you will see news related to different categories. If your blog posts news on different topics, then it is necessary to show that category on your blog. You publish all your posts according to these categories and the menu of websites and blogs should be shown separately according to these categories.

3. Put Contact, privacy, About etc. pages in your website or blog

When you appeal for AdSense or anything, first of all your contact, privacy, about these pages are seen because these are the pages in your blog that make it very professional. So definitely put these pages. Attach these pages to the header or footer of your website so that the user will find it easier to find these pages.

5. Post better

If your posts are the best and best, then your blog / site is likely to appear in the Google News section very soon. Try to have quality in every post and you have posted it in a very good way. Whether it is images or your words, everything should be perfectly perfect and should be expanded. For this, you can go to any news channel’s website and see it.

If there is a difference between a news article and a normal article. News article is related to time, that is, it does not make sense if you do not write the right article at the right time. Whenever the general article is evergreen, you can write it anytime. In the general article, the number of visitors remains, while in the news article, the number of visitors is for some time only. So to be aprove in google news, you have to write news article more and more.

6. Take care of some things

    • Apart from this, there are other things that you need to look into. If you cannot do regular posts on your blog / site alone then you can also add your friends with you.
    • Your blog / site should load fast. – Make a Sitemap in your blog / site.
  • If the readers of your post are more, then there is more chance of your post coming into the news.
  • The grammer of the post must be correct, care should be taken that the spelling is not mismatched.
  • The website should be updated regularly, write 1-2 news articles a day and at least 1 article a day.
  • Write the name and summery of the author who wrote the article.

Steps: Submit Your Site To Google News.

When you feel that everything is fine and my blog / site is worth visiting Google News, then you can apply to add a blog / site to Google News by filling in your information by visiting this link below. Below is the process of submitting the website in google news.

To aprove website or blog for google news, follow the steps given below.

    1. Go to Google’s News Publish Center – click here .
    2. Login with your google account (logging kare from the same account in which your website is in google webmaster).
  1. Choose the website / blog you want to appear in Google News and click on the inclusion button.
  2. Comform and confirm your news site description.
  3. You do not get approval till jab. At that time, you kept updating your website and publishing new news in it.

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