Know what’s the fact of the confusion spreading on social media about Corona, and other records will be determined in this link

Coronavirus Follow these three rules to prevent infection health benefits will also be this
Coronavirus Follow these three rules to prevent infection health benefits will also be this

Those who do not even recognise what’s the difference among viruses, micro organism and fungus, they’re giving facts approximately Corona, which has been declared epidemic on WhatsApp. Thousands of messages are being exchanged from morning to evening on the social media app WhatsApp. Experts advise now not to trust such messages.

Many such misleading facts goes on on WhatsApp, which people have become harassed via reading. According to Dr. PK Gupta, former president of the Indian Medical Association, there is no need to take note of such messages running on WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter. Only experts recognize about the unconventional corona virus. Sometimes human beings are making themselves insecure because of incorrect and deceptive messages. For example, there may be a message taking place that hold the breath for 10 seconds. If you do not cough, you do no longer have an contamination. According to Dr. Gupta, there is no such rule in scientific science. Whether a person has an infection or no longer is known thru X-ray and other tests.

What is confusion-

  •  Try holding the breath for 10 seconds. If you don’t cough you don’t have an infection
  •  Eating meat or fish spreads the corona virus, do not eat them
  •   Repeated readings in the book do not cause corona
  •   If the nose is cleaned with saline, even corona comes out

What is the truth

  •  Whether it is an infection or not is only known through investigation
  •  If you are eating meat and fish or eggs properly cooked then there is no problem
  •  If cooked well at 100 degree temperature, the virus dies
  •  Do not eat eggs half fried, only boil or eat them completely.

What to do-
If you want information about Corona, you can find out by visiting the World Health Organization website

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