Symptoms, causes and prevention of hormone imbalance

Symptoms, causes and prevention of hormone imbalance
Symptoms, causes and prevention of hormone imbalance

There are 230 hormones in the human body which work for different activities. Today we will talk about the symptoms, causes and prevention of hormone imbalance of the body. And we will know what is the effect on the human body due to its deterioration. By the way, imbalance in hormones comes when a person’s lifestyle is bad. Its food is not right and is not nutritious. He does not sleep on time and does not get up on time. All this reason also promotes the deterioration of hormones in the human body.

What are hormones?

There is a kind of chemical produced in the human body by hormones, which reach the organs of the body through the blood flowing in the human. They are released from the endocrine glands in the body. And affect various body functions such as body development, metabolism, sexual activities, reproduction and mood swings.Hormones have a major role in these actions. Generally speaking, when the hormone in the bloodstream becomes too much or too little, this condition is called hormone imbalance. The subtle amounts of hormones in the human body are also more effective, they cannot be stored in the body for much longer.

Symptoms of hormone imbalance?

Constipation and diarrhea: Sometimes when you eat too much food or you have a food allergy, then you also start getting constipation or diarrhea, and this is common. But this problem can also occur due to hormone imbalance.

Not getting full sleep: When a person does not complete his sleep, it also causes him to get converted into hormones.

Weight gain: When a person is very fat, then these are also symptoms of imbalance in his hormones. Because it is due to its irregular eating.

Fatigue: If a person feels tired all the time, it indicates that the balance of his hormones is not correct. You should immediately change your diet, like- stay away from wheat and grains, it will make a lot of difference.


Irritability: One reason for the imbalance of hormones in the body is also irritability of human being, when he is unable to do any work or pressure is put on him, then his nature becomes irritable.

Stress: Stress, which causes many diseases, also happens when there is a change in the hormones present in your body.


Deficiency in Urine: When you have trouble doing urine, it is also due to a change in hormones.

Due to hormone imbalance

  • Having diabetes
  • getting hurt
  • Non nutritious diet
  • Not exercising
  • High blood pressure
  • heart disease
  • Poor health

Hormone Imbalance Prevention

Yogurt: Yogurt helps keep your mind fresh, it maintains a balance of good bacteria in your body.

Olive oil: If you use olive oil in your food, then the hormones present in your body will be balanced.

Green Tea: It controls the hormones present in your body, take it once a day. This makes your metabolism better.

Linseed seeds: Contains a good amount of Omega 3 Fatty acids. Omega 3 (Fatty acids) helps in making hormones. It is good for both men and women.

Carrots: It contains a different type of fiber that removes excess estrogen from the body. Let us tell you that carrots have little to no fat and contain Sodium (Potassium), Carbohydrates, Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin A, D (D), C. , B6 etc. are found.

Fish: Include Sea Food and Tuna Fish in your diet, in fact it contains a lot of Omega 3 which controls human hormones.

How to avoid hormone imbalance in human body is in your hands only. Illness occurs in your body only when good hormones in your body start decreasing. And your body starts becoming home to diseases. So, you can consult a doctor. Otherwise, you can also take preventive measures.

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