What to do before publishing a blog post?

What to do before publishing a blog post
What to do before publishing a blog post

What to do before publishing a blog post.I think that this question should are available the minds of most content creators that once they have written their diary post utterly, then what ought to they watch out of before business enterprise it. most bloggers should have troubled concerning their post publish at a while or the opposite.

It is even that after we write an honest content, then we have a tendency to are in an exceedingly hurry to publish it as presently as doable. Like we expect however presently we will post that post and take a breath, however here we have a tendency to forget the important factor that if we provides a very little attention and a focus to some things then we’ll build our post a lot of smart will make it and might reach it to most individuals terribly simply.

Before that, let ME discuss this with you a lot of and let’s do some confessions first:

1. you’re thus excited to publish your content that you just are unable to press that publish button.

2. you’re thinking that you just have given your best during this post and there’s no thanks to build it any higher.
3. you wish to publish it presently as a result of you think that checking a lot of quality can solely be a waste of your time.

How would you’re feeling if I say that this new post of yours could became even higher and will reach a lot of individuals if you probably did not offer abundant importance to publish however instead optimize it well in its place.

Writing a awfully smart post (writing half) is simple fraction part and simple fraction needs to be optimized properly, so if anyone reads it, it’ll stun them. Here during this post, you’ll tell individuals concerning some effective strategies that i exploit myself and that you’ll use yourself, so the amount of your readers themselves can increase manifold.

What to try and do before business enterprise a diary post?

Some tips like doing image optimisation properly, doing on-page SEO in an exceedingly great way, mistreatment social meta tags, and writing author BIO in an exceedingly great way. these days we’ll apprehend fully detail concerning some such strategies, which is able to persuade be terribly useful in your blogs later.

1) a way to produce your 1st draft and the way to extend your last words
Note that if you have got to organize a awfully smart content that’s valuable to your readers, albeit you wish to create it standard conjointly. except for this, it’s important to possess a visionary. Writing your 1st draft properly isn’t really easy.

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You have to relinquish time for this. a hunt has found that an honest article wants a minimum of 6-8 hours to travel somewhere and so it’s the potential to go microorganism. And if you have got created your draft, then you have got to require special care of some things, concerning that we’ll learn additional.

Check the items given here a bit better:

1. insure your article:

Keep your article as synchronic linguistics mistake free as doable, and conjointly take away orthography mistakes. as a result of atiny low orthography mistake will spoil your on-line name. Most editors like MS word work okay by auto-suggesting you and you’ll take away your orthography mistakes and grammatical errors. however still there are some flaws in them that alternative paid code like Grammarly that conjointly realize even the littlest mistake.

2. Like I aforementioned earlier that you just ought to use knowledgeable synchronic linguistics checker like Grammarly. it’s several benefits like it’s an honest grammatical errors detector, it conjointly catches plagiarism, it conjointly provides human proof reading services.

3. you’ll raise individuals not associated with Blogging:

It usually happens that after we get connected with this blogging trade then we cannot see our own mistakes and ignore it.

But if the other readers aren’t associated with the blogging of that article, then they’ll simply see all the mistakes in your article, with this, if the tone of your article isn’t correct then that too is understood. thus you’ll take smart advantage of this factor.

2) SEO isn’t finished nonetheless. Nor Keyword Targeting

You can be a awfully huge whole. Your product are often terribly useful for individuals. however once it involves your diary, then you have got to focus on some keywords , so search traffic can forever come back on your diary. individuals can keep returning to your diary solely from their search.

It is vital to notice that it’s solely organic traffic that will increase the worth of your whole as a result of if individuals come back to look concerning merchandise associated with your program , then the visibility of your whole will increase even a lot of. .

So if you have got targeted some keywords on your diary, then individuals can mechanically begin returning from search results on your diary. There are several smart brands that don’t pay abundant attention to SEO , because of that they need up-to-date serious losses.

3) Add Relevant Links to Article

It is terribly essential to feature the mandatory links on your diary post. this can be like providing communication facilities to a lost man in AN unfamiliar place. this offers them direction. within the same means, it makes it easier for the search bots to speak in your article.

For your info, I actually have told concerning some varieties of links additional, positively scan it, I hope that you just can profit greatly.

a) Internal Links

These are known as such links that connect one page to a different page in an exceedingly web site with the assistance of hyperlinks. Here each domains (source and target) are same.

The job of internal links is to pass SEO juice to alternative older posts and rank new posts simply. These cut back the bounce rates of diary by providing relevant info of fine further pages to the readers. Internal links work like SEO friendly backlinks in your diary.

Check thus before business enterprise the post, check whether or not all the interlinks are connected properly or not. And link new articles with previous hierarchic articles.

b) External Links

These links are known as wherever 2 sites that are of separate blogs are connected among themselves. Here each supply domain and target domain are totally different. External links assist you to relinquish info concerning relevant information in your posts. With this, it will increase the connexion of your content considerably within the eyes of Search Bots as a result of they see smart content in your posts.

For example, if you’re writing a piece of writing concerning the Olympiad, whereas you have got not given one link to its official website, then your article are going to be thought of irrelevant .

4) Correcting image optimization:

They say that a desirable image makes thousands of words. within the same means pictures in Blogging also are accountable for several SEO factors. If the pictures are optimized well then they’ll bring loads of traffic with them.

With this, pictures conjointly become an emblem of your brand’s if it’s used properly. Moreover, smart pictures prompt most of the people to share them on social media, it’s important for the substance of your diary.


Try to insert a minimum of one image in your diary post .
It is important to possess angular position tags properly in your pictures. angular position tags are known as words or descriptions that permit bots to know that image. They apprehend what those pictures are concerning.
Change the title name of your image to supply a stronger name.
Add pictures that show your whole. you’ll conjointly use several free sites and tools to try and do this.

5) Do check your program Meta Tags
Your meta information is like your ad copy. thus you have got to require special care that no matter content you’re writing in your meta information ought to be utterly correct. thus attempt to keep your meta information underneath one hundred fifty five characters and your post title under 55 characters.

You can simply go over this however it’ll not be displayed in search results. you’ll use WordPress SEO plugins to optimize your diary posts.

6) Optimize your posts for Social Shares
We all apprehend that social shares can increase the reach of our post to an excellent extent. For this, you have got to optimize your posts so most audience can social share your posts. confine mind that social media strategy ought to be dead for all bloggers ..

7) build engaging BIO
If you’re a solo blogger then you’ll write a horny author bio for yourself. which is able to higher represent individuals concerning you. And if you have got a whole, then it’s important to relinquish the correct credit to your authors, as a result of by doing this they too can get AN identity of their own. With this you ought to conjointly add their twitter handle and alternative social buttons so other readers will connect with them in personal level.

I sincerely hope that I actually have given you complete info concerning what you ought to do before business enterprise a diary post , and that i hope that you just have understood concerning Content Publish. I request all of you readers that you just too ought to share this info in your neighborhood, relatives and friends, so we’ll remember and can profit loads from North American country. i want your support so I will convey a lot of new info to you.

It has forever been my endeavor that I always facilitate my readers or readers from all sides, if you individuals have any doubt of any kind, then you’ll request from me without showing responsibility. i’ll positively attempt to solve those Doubts. What do you have to do before business enterprise this article? Tell North American country however you felt by writing a comment so we have a tendency to too have an opportunity to be told one thing from your concepts and improve something.

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